changes to the Membership structure

We are happy to announce a significant change to our membership structure for 2017. We moved away from a membership fee-based system in order to be more inclusive of all German-speaking people in the province who stay connected with the GCA through our various (social) media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Meetup and our website. Our newsletter will be publicly available and therefore more broadly accessible.

This change to the membership structure was passed with a special resolution to amend the association’s by-laws at the annual general meeting on Saturday, February 25, 2017.

Our primary focus has shifted to fundraising through donations, which will help to continue to support our mandate. We can assure your that you financial contributions are spent wisely and primarily on direct program activities.

Please consider continuing your support by making a donation.

The GCA is a non-profit organization but not a charity and cannot issue tax receipts for donations.