• (a) To promote the understanding and appreciation of the German language and cultures of German-speaking countries
    by supporting and promoting the teaching of the German language;
    by initiating or sponsoring educational meetings, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, concerts and workshops for the purpose of stimulating interest among Canadians in the German language and culture and the cultures of German-speaking countries; and
    by providing information on cultural events, educational resources and learning opportunities with respect to the German language and the customs and traditions of Germany and of German-speaking countries.
  • (b) To preserve the German cultural heritage of German-speaking immigrants and their descendants in Nova Scotia
    by creating awareness among Canadians of the historical significance of immigration from German-speaking countries and the contributions of these immigrants to the development of Canada; and
    by stimulating interest in the German heritage and by supporting research.
  • (c) To support and participate in multiculturalism.
  • (d) To develop contacts among and to facilitate networking among German-speaking individuals and business persons.
  • (e) To cooperate with other associations having similar objectives regarding any activity to further these objectives.


The German Canadian Association of Nova Scotia is the only official larger representative body of the German-speaking community (including Germans, Swiss and Austrians) and its respective heritage in Nova Scotia. While the GCA has fluctuated in size, it has persisted since its inception in 1972 – a testament to the valuable service it provides to its stakeholders. 

The new 5-year Strategic Action Plan adresses the current challenges of our organization and focuses on establishing more formal nodes of representation across the province, while enhancing a sense of community particularly through improved communication mechanisms. The Strategic Action Plan builds on our historic roots in Halifax, and looks to the future with a continued ambition to contribute to a positive and lively Nova Scotia.

5-year Strategic Action Plan (.pdf)