• (a) To promote the understanding and appreciation of the German language and cultures of German-speaking countries
    by supporting and promoting the teaching of the German language;
    by initiating or sponsoring educational meetings, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, concerts and workshops for the purpose of stimulating interest among Canadians in the German language and culture and the cultures of German-speaking countries; and
    by providing information on cultural events, educational resources and learning opportunities with respect to the German language and the customs and traditions of Germany and of German-speaking countries.
  • (b) To preserve the German cultural heritage of German-speaking immigrants and their descendants in Nova Scotia
    by creating awareness among Canadians of the historical significance of immigration from German-speaking countries and the contributions of these immigrants to the development of Canada; and
    by stimulating interest in the German heritage and by supporting research.
  • (c) To support and participate in multiculturalism.
  • (d) To develop contacts among and to facilitate networking among German-speaking individuals and business persons.
  • (e) To cooperate with other associations having similar objectives regarding any activity to further these objectives.